ICS-E4020: Challenge


There are no new tasks this week. We have selected 7 tasks from the previous weeks (some of them required, some optional), and your solutions to these tasks will take part in a challenge.

For each task, we will use our usual benchmarks. For each task, you will get 1 extra point if your code is at most 20% slower than the fastest solution that anyone in this course has submitted.

This is counted as an optional assignment — all points that you get are just extra points that only help you.

You are encouraged to improve your existing solutions, but if you are already happy with the performance of your solutions to all of these tasks, you do not need to do anything else other than submit a report.

Please also remember to submit course feedback. Anyone who submits course feedback will receive 1 extra point.


Your latest solutions to the following tasks are benchmarked and they will automatically take part in the challenge:

Some details:

If, for some reason, your solution this week does not pass our tests, but you have already previously submitted a working, acceptable solution, your best running times from the previous weeks are used.